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5 Reasons to Do Pet Registration


Owning a dog gives you countless of responsibilities, which is why this is a decision that should be reviewed thoroughly. Doing pet registration in city government and applying a license for it however, is the most overlooked responsibility that dog owners do. Assuming that your pet doesn't have a license and they've gone missing, your chances of finding them are slim. It's not just the only problem you have as you've got to face the law too.


In the event that you are still not changing your mind in registering your pet, then let me give you 5 other reasons why you should do such thing now.


Reason number 1. It is the law - in many different states and country even, dog owners are mandated to register a pet. In case that they're caught that there's no license for their pet which is likely to happen, the owner has to settle a fine for it.


Reason number 2. Quickly find your dog - if your dog is missing, it can give you peace of mind that you will find them fast if they are licensed. License tag can help animal shelters and control to identify the dog quickly and bring it back to its rightful owner safety. If your pet wanders the street, a rescue team may look up to it using the license number it has on the tag. In comparison to unlicensed dogs, licensed dogs can stay longer in shelters.


Reason number 3. Registering dogs are less compared to being caught without it - if for instance that officials in your city discovered that your dog still has no license, then there's the chance that you will be settling a fee of 250 dollars. Not only that, there are cities that are considering owning of unlicensed dog as a class IV misdemeanor.


Reason number 4. Easy identification that your pet is updated on vaccinations - a dog can't be licensed unless, it has given with proper vaccinations. So, if ever your pup goes missing and they are healthy and rabies free, good Samaritans or the animal control will not have worries of taking care of it. Know the pet registration fees here!


Reason number 5. License fees are supporting local animal shelters - the yearly fee that you need to pay for licensing your dog is used in keeping shelters in operation and also, support the work of local animal control. By doing pet registration, you pay to have your pet get proper ID, help in feeding and housing stray dogs found on streets within your city and many other unknown benefits. Check this website http://www.dictionary.com/browse/pet about pet.